Interpreter Intelligence Product Update – Bulk Offer Added

We are excited to notify our clients of recent updates to Interpreter Intelligence!

New Feature – Bulk Job Offers

A Bulk Offer feature will now allow you to send offers for multiple jobs at once. The option is available on the Dashboard, Manage Jobs and Unassigned Jobs pages via Bulk Options – Send Offers button at the top of the grid. This feature works the same as the Auto-Offer in terms of the configuration variables that are accounted for.

You can select multiple jobs in several ways:
A) Click the checkbox by each job;
B) Click the checkbox in the grid header row to select all jobs on the current page;
C) Filter jobs by specific values, then select all filtered results by checking the box “All jobs (with current filters applied)”.

Note: if you do not see the new checkbox field on your screen, click Reset Columns to refresh the grid view.


New Feature – Include Unavailable Interpreters

You can now include unavailable interpreters in offers extended by Auto-Offer or Bulk Offer. To enable the feature, check the Include Unavailable Interpreters box under Admin – Company – Configuration. The settings considered by this filter are availability, non-availability, and out of the office. Double-booked interpreters will not be included.

A new field called “Available When Offered” is now listed on the Assign page – Offer tab. This field records whether the interpreter was available at the time of offering and is applicable only to Auto-Offer and Bulk Offer. For manual offers, the field is not recorded and will list the value of N/A. It is also displayed on the interpreter portal Offered section on both mobile and desktop versions.

If you have any questions, please contact us at


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