Product Update: Enhanced User Experience for the Bookings Calendar

calendar-legend-screenshot.pngInterpreter scheduling
is obviously one of the key aspects of our customers’ businesses, and our Interpreter scheduling Calendar is at the core of our functionality to make Interpreter scheduling as efficient as possible. In order to improve the “scannability” of the bookings Calendar view, we are in the process of revising the colors of job statuses displayed on the Calendar. This minor update, scheduled for rollout later this week, will provide more of a distinction between job statuses, and will enable users to differentiate each item more easily.

In addition, a new legend will be added to the bookings Calendar. This feature will make it easier to determine which job status is identified by which color. It’s intended to be a reference guide that will help Schedulers make better sense of the bookings displayed in the Calendar and will also help when training new employees to use the Interpreter Intelligence solution. To view the legend, simply hover over the button that says ‘legend’ and the reference guide will display immediately below it.

We are constantly striving to improve our software to optimize our customers’ use of its features. Please always feel free to leave us product improvement suggestions by clicking on the ‘feedback’ link on the right side of any of the pages on our website.

Also, if you have any questions, feel free to contact our support team.

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