Release v2.35: Bulk Processing of Interpreter Invoices & Payment Summaries

One of the biggest challenges that our customers face is the processing of large numbers of invoices and payments. In fact, one of our LSP customers recently told us that it can take up to three full days to process approximately 3000 jobs each month. We knew that we needed to offer functionality that would dramatically reduce this burden and we are pleased to announce that Interpreter Intelligence’s v2.35 release will include the ability to process multiple invoices and payments simultaneously. That three days of work will now take just minutes.

Bulk processing of invoices:
multiple_invoice_processing1.pngAs you likely know, there are two ways to deliver invoices to customers through Interpreter Intelligence: 1. by downloading a .pdf which can be printed and mailed, and 2. by directly emailing an invoice to a customer. Instead of downloading or emailing a single invoice at a time, the newly released feature set provides your Finance team with the ability to deliver multiple invoices simultaneously. The new functionality is quite straightforward and a user would start the process by searching for the invoices that they want to take action on. A number of filters are provided to enable the user to narrow down the list to only a targeted set. Invoices can be filtered by customer, date range, invoice status, billing address, and by a number of other versatile criteria. The resulting list of invoices that match the selected filter criteria are then displayed, from which the user can then select a single invoice, multiple invoices, or all invoices for processing. Once the invoices are selected, they can either be downloaded as .pdf files into a single .zip file (a convenient way to print multiple documents at once), or can be emailed automatically to the respective customer(s).

multiple_invoice_processing2.pngInvoices of a specific status can be selected for bulk updating and controls have been included that restrict invoices from being downloaded or emailed that do not meet the appropriate invoice rules. For example, if an invoice was already emailed to a customer, it will not be resent if it was mistakenly selected. Likewise, if a selected invoice was previously canceled or was not fully approved, it will not be sent out or downloaded. Rest assured that these rules will support your ability to process invoices most effectively while ensuring consistent communications with your customers.


Bulk processing of payments:

Similar to the new bulk invoice processing features described above, the most recent release of the Interpreter Intelligence platform enables Finance teams to also deliver payment summaries to Interpreters in bulk. The process for searching, filtering, and selecting payment summaries to be processed is exactly the same as it is for bulk processing of invoices, with users being able to select one, multiple, or all payments returned in the search results. Payment summaries can also either be downloaded in bulk to a .zip file, or can be automatically emailed to the appropriate Interpreters.


Interpreter Intelligence Release v2.35 includes two sets of features that provide the industry’s most efficient way to process invoices and payments. As always, please feel free to contact our support team with any questions.

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